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  • Sony’s bumbling cloud gaming strategy

    Apropos of nothing in particular today…

    Sean Hollister writing for The Verge in 2019:

    Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: a video game platform that lets you play games with the press of a button, no need for discs or downloads… Experience the latest and greatest games on your ancient laptop, phone, or tablet, thanks to remote servers instead of having to buy a console or build a powerful gaming PC. Fire up a game on the TV, then seamlessly pick it up on your mobile device…

    If that sounds like the lofty pitch for Google’s Stadia cloud gaming service, you’ve been paying attention. But every single one of those things was promised years ago by a startup named Gaikai — a startup that Sony bought in 2012 for $380 million. At the time, Sony gave every indication that it would harness the full potential of a PlayStation cloud. It even bought Gaikai’s closest competitor, OnLive, in 2015 and launched a service called PlayStation Now that finally hit 1 million subscribers this October. But half a decade later, the company has barely tapped into cloud gaming’s promise, and competitors like Google seem poised to attract the gamers that Sony failed to convert.

    Sean Hollister

    How Sony bought, and squandered, the future of gaming [theverge.com]

  • The PS5 External Disc Drive is Alive

    In September Tom Henderson broke the news that Sony have been testing an external disc drive for their PS5 console. Today he confirmed the device is in testing and “works flawlessly”.

    The design of the PS5 is fucking weird.

    Pope Hat

    It baffles me that generally people have come to accept and even prefer the design of this thing. It’s obviously a very capable console, but the industrial design of the device is all over the place.

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