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There’s this consistent perception among some Xbox and PS fans that Microsoft has somehow *squandered* Rare and mismanaged them into the dirt or something.


Sea of Thieves has had over 30 million players, 35M+ will certainly be announced this year. It sold 1 million copies on Steam in its first month. It has a 90% positive reviews on Steam, both recent and all time.

It goes top10 on Steam every time it’s on sale, and is constantly top 10 in Game Pass most popular. It’s one of Xbox’s stickiest 1st party games (w/ Minecraft, Forza).

Sea of Thieves is a *huge* hit for Xbox. A new IP with novels, comics, Yootooz figures, card & board games.

It’s had over 100 updates, has a standout seasonal format, and a huge blockbuster IP crossover with Pirates of the Caribbean, and they’re building a new co-dev relationship to enable better handling of simultaneously adding new content, while continuing to solidify the base game.

No Rare slander on the timeline, you fkn idiots.