Now playing (always playing): Sea of Thieves

Today (ish, depending on your timezone), Sea of Thieves turned five.

After a few seasons of taking some time away from the seas, I returned late last week with the Season 9 update. It feels almost at the same level of invigoration as the Shrouded Spoils update, with more world events, more lures for pulling players together, more fog, more megs, more… well, everything!

And while some players seem to be bemoaning some of the ‘downtuning’ of some higher level events like the Fort or Fortune and Fort of the Damned, I think the extra action and more loot on the seas is probably worth it.

In honour of SoT’s 5 year anniversary, Rare released this documentary of the origins, launch, and ongoing development of the game.

Players creating stories together.

I have over 1,300 hours in Sea of Thieves. It’s special, and im my opinion, a singularly underappreciated game in the realm of live-service… me hearties. 🏴‍☠️