Impressions: Wo Long Demo

Long way round.

I’ve played through the Wo Long demo a few times now, which means I like it a lot.

As someone who’s never played Nioh the systems set-up is new to me, but I’ve found the morale/spirit interplay to be intriguing and super engaging. Why can’t I stop thinking about this game?

  • The character creator is seriously impressive.
  • Morale and spirit + stance, weapon types, upgrade categories, and linked enemies all coalesce and pour directly into the action and gameplay loops.
  • Enemy design is varied and fun.
  • The level design is excellent in the demo, with a wide array of hidden spots for collectibles and loot, as well as surprise enemy attacks, and varying attack paths and loop-backs.
  • The first boss battle will absolutely stonewall a lot of players. Bizarrely, the other bosses in the demo are nowhere near as tough. It’ll be fascinating to see if this is tuned differently in the final release.
  • I’ve had a few hangs and glitches, as well as heavy frame dips and outright stutters on the Series X. Fingers crossed this is mostly mitigated by launch.
  • Some minor UI weirdness, and a few menu options that don’t work. Recent previews seems to show an updated UI – again, 🤞.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is out on March 3rd, and launching Day One into Game Pass.

Let’s see how close I get… (Atomic Heart ✅ ).