How to get more responsive screenshots on Xbox

Quick as lightning.

It’s not a huge deal, but yes: the Xbox capture button is laggy.

The new Xbox controller that released along side the Series X and S in 2020 has a dedicated Share button. While it’s a nice addition, and the system settings allow you to customise its behaviour, I have noticed that it’s ever so slightly… delayed when taking a screenshot.

It’s not a big deal for most scenarios, but you might find yourself missing some time sensitive action when trying to get snaps in certain games.

The fix

It’s simple, thankfully. The old method of capturing a screenshot still works:

  • Press the big ole Xbox button on the controller to open the Guide, which will also save a screen capture
  • Confirm the capture by pressing Y

For whatever reason the method is not effected by the same lag you might experience with the Share button, and should help you get that perfect snap!