The coolest games I saw today – Summer Games, Dev of the Devs, Devolver Direct

Despite the ghost of E3 looming over June, the Summer Games Fest, Day of the Devs and Devolver Direct all went live today.

I sorted through the avalanche of announcements and trailers to find the *coolest* stuff!

Cocoon – New gameplay and a boss battle.

From the Lead Game Designer of Inside and Limbo. This might be my most anticipated game of 2023.

Under The Waves – Announcement Trailer

The setting, mood and tone all stand out. A tense, moody under-sea mystery? Let’s go!

Hauntii – Announcement Trailer

Gorgeous art design with pops of colour. This trailer evokes The Wild at Heart, Gris among other hand-drawn games…

Summerhill – Announce Teaser

From the makers of Alto’s Adventure, an atmospheric folk puzzler.

Seasalt Chronicles – Announce trailer

An adventure game where the presentation looks like a story book that’s come to life. Wonderful art, and an intriguing game loop.

Banishers – Gameplay reveal

From Don’t Nod (Vampyr, Life is Strange), the only real “triple-A” type game presentation from today that piqued my interest. The story set up looks very interesting so far.

Bonus madness: the end of the Devolver stream was c o m p l e t e l y u n h i n g e d