Rolled credits: Hi-Fi RUSH

What a rush.

Well, that didn’t take long, and I’m already nearly half way through a New Game+ replay already.

Hi-Fi RUSH is an absolute blast to play, and I feel like I’m finally mastering the rhythm based combat as I replay levels and continue to buy upgrades and new combos.

Aside from the obvious – the game’s outrageously slick style, charm, tone, and the coherence and passion in the execution of the vision from the makers of the game – what really stands out most to me is just how forgiving and welcoming HFR is.

I’ve seen people complain that there’s no ‘challenge’ in mastering the combat since all your actions are automatically synced to the beat. I wholeheartedly disagree.

For me, the real challenge lies in hitting rankings for choruses and levels. And to get A or S ranks you MUST vary and nail your combos and timing, respectively. But for my 6 year old, why on Earth would I want him to bounce off such a dazzling title due to unforgiving, strict mechanics? Heck why would that for myself? Hi-Fi RUSH is approachable, and that means a lot for this type of game.

HRF is a joy to play – I mean, I’m still playing it well after rolling credits. Tango Gameworks (and Xbox) have a hit on their hands.

Here’s hoping we see some DLC in the next 6 months… but at the very least, it seems certain Hi-Fi RUSH has solidified itself as a beloved IP, with fans already expecting a sequel at some point down the line.

Can we get a hip-hop samurai next?