Oxenfree II was announced for Netflix Games today and Xbox fans lost their minds… for the wrong reason

Earlier today Night School Studio announced that Oxenfree II would also be coming to Netflix (mobile) when it launches on July 12th this year.

And for some reason a bunch of Xbox fans went crazy on Twitter.

“Am I tripping or does this say Netflix but not Xbox???” “No joke, we need answer why this keeps happening…” “wtf is going on 💀” “Ok this is starting to become a serious problem for Xbox”

Pals… Calm. down.

Here’s the situation with Oxenfree II:

  • Game announced April 19th 2021, Switch and Steam
  • Netflix acquires Night School Studio September 29th 2021
  • Oxenfree II appears in the PlayStation Indies Spotlight August 6th 2022
  • Oxenfree II announced for Netflix mobile today

Not only is this game not coming to Xbox, we’ve know it for months, if not years. Why is it a huge deal now, all of a sudden?

Gaming narratives are a funny old thing fucking stupid.

Would this be as big a deal if the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster wasn’t skipping Xbox (for some apparently unknowable reason) and getting banger scores?

Minecraft Legends dropped yesterday and people are freaking about Oxenfree II? Xbox secured multiple Game-of-the-Year nominated indie games in 2021 and 2022 and people are freaking about Oxenfree II? Really?

A much bigger story here is that Netflix is the publisher. What will that mean in the competitive space moving forward? Will Netflix pal up with PlayStation on console to hedge against Microsoft’s buying power and Cloud position?

MS (Game Pass) and Netflix both see themselves as competitors. Don’t be surprised when the more tech-facing companies choose to isolate Microsoft.