Limited edition Redfall controllers on Xbox Design Lab

Yes, yes. Ok. get your ‘xbox has more controllers than games’ joke out of the way now.

Today Xbox announced a new suite of limited edition Design Lab controllers, made especially for Redfall.

Each controller comes with a custom design top plate, a fixed palette of colours to customise with, and four engraving options for the battery cover. They’re nice!

At the start of April a purported Starfield controller leaked on a resale app in China. After a day or so, someone figured out that the person who listed the controller was also a modding enthusiast, which caused most people to pass this off as a custom job.

I’m not so sure.

This new way of distributing limited edition Design Lab creations hints at more to come, and when you compare these Redfall Designs with the Starfield leak? In my view these are a very close design sensibility match.

I said at the time, “If this isn’t real, but Xbox do have a Starfield controller in the works that isn’t this good, then they have a real problem on their hands lol.”

I’m 65/35 certain that the Starfield controller is real. But either way I’m very confident that Starfield will have at least one awesome Design Lab controller on the way this year.