Jedi: Survivor – Reveal Trailer

BD-1 and his sidekick.

EA/Respawn’s Jedi become a series with Jedi: Survivor due to arrive March 17th, 2023.

I finished a replay of Fallen Order last week, and while it’s very enjoyable – and let’s face it, a great Star Wars game – it has a decided “last gen” feel, even with patches for the current gen machines.

The above footage from the new game addresses a bunch of improvements people have been asking for in a second outing, including visual fidelity, combat and traversal variety, and expanded levels and areas.

Personally, tighter combat is the clear #1 request on my wish list.

The jump from Fallen Order looks similar to the recent jump we saw with Asobo’s Plague Tale: Requiem (maybe the: colon has something to do with it). Cautiously optimistic.